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RFP Creation Support

From a neutral position, Feeler engages the client in thinking together about what solution is needed, and then promptly and accurately creates an RFP (Request For Proposal).

About RFP: Request For Proposal

In the Information Systems industry, there are concerns with system dissatisfaction and scheduling delays due to various problems resulting from verbal promises and ambiguous purchase orders.

More attention is focusing on preventing confusing by clarifying contract details and pre-conditions in advance using a RFP (Document describing drafting conditions for a “Quotation Submission”).

The RFP is a document submitted to vendors that provides information such as a system outline, details and implementation conditions concerning the system that the client wants implemented.

However, in order to develop an RFP, in addition to IT-related knowledge, various information is necessary, such as the current IT flow, solution specific vendors and general costs of implementation.

Also, the best solution for your company may not be able to be selected if information is biased toward a specific IT vendor.

Therefore, Feeler works from a neutral position together with the client to find the right solution, and then quickly and accurately creates an RFP to promote IT implementation free from later regrets.

RFP sample <= Adobe Reader is necessary for seeing.

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