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Feeler Business Consulting Network

Feeler Business Consulting Network

FBCN(Feeler Business Consulting Network)is a group of consulting partners, with Feeler as the core, that provide consulting and training services.

Feeler provides practical solutions primarily to pharmaceutical corporations, but also makers of raw materials・pharmaceutical intermediates, API, nutraceuticals and cosmetics, that are tailored to meet their business needs using know-how, knowledge and techniques developed over many years at pharmaceutical manufacturers.

FBCN Supprt Area

FBCN Consulting Services (not all services listed)

[ Research and Development ]
Guidance on clinical tests, clinical trials, and resolving issues concerning clinical studies.
Guidance on handling the roles of CRC dispatching by SMO, Medical Devices and SMO, and Pharmaceutical Companies and CRO.
Guidance on handling of drug discovery studies and pharmaceutical organizations.

[ Manufacturing Controls and Quality Controls ]
GMP Compliance (Qualification, Identifying Problems, Proposing Solutions)
GMP Practices (raw material receipt, manufacturing, release, support systems)
Establishing GMP Systems (Organization, SOPs, Standards, Procedures, etc.)

[ Production and Distribution ]
GQP Compliance
Establishing, managing, procedures and inspection compliance for GQP systems
GVP Compliance
Establishing, managing, procedures and inspection compliance for GVP systems.

[ Post-Marketing ]
Improving internal systems for compliance with the revised pharmaceutical act.
Risk management for pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device distributors.

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