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ERP Consulting and Education

From experience gained in implementing an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) at a large pharmaceutical corporation, Feeler is able to provide support in how to reduce the implementation risks for organizations about to implement an ERP system.

Feeler Co.,Ltd. differentiates with IT Developers, Vendors and Consulting Companies in that we provide actual implementation experience from the users’ viewpoint.

Support Program

  1. How to organize quotation requirements?
  2. Evaluation of vendor and partner quotations.
  3. Approval requests for Corporate Management
  4. Insights into business restructuring
  5. Strategies for using software packages
  6. System Concepts
  7. Development methodology for software packages
  8. A practical implementation plan for cut-over (with insight into the problems that can arise)
  9. Project management focusing on risk management
  10. Data management focusing on testing and migration
  11. Provide information on specific problems and issues that may arise during development.
  12. Provide system validation templates
  13. Provide vendor auditing templates
  14. Provide cost management templates

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